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Dental Mobile App: How to increase
patient loyalty?

Arkhipenko Daria, Digital Marketer
October 4, 2019

Customer loyalty comes first for every business. In the field of health care, patients must trust the doctor and the clinic itself 100% and only then they will have unshakable loyalty to one single clinic. Dental clinics are no exception. The dental mobile app is an additional way to get a good impression from the customers. There are many reasons why dental center needs a mobile app. The application as a whole will have a nice impact on the clinic, but what factors will help to increase patient loyalty? Let’s figure it.


Entangled appointment procedures or loss of a card can undermine patient loyalty. To make a visit to the doctor easy and stress-free, it is necessary to optimize all processes for patients. For instance, a reliable tool of dentist mobile app for interacting with patients and increasing loyalty is the automated appointment reminders for each personally.


The dental mobile application can be used to inform patients of important information about the clinic. The emergence of new promotions or services may interest customers. Especially if in order to find out this information the customer just needs to go into the app.

File storage

The capability to have all the documents in a smartphone draws modern customers. The patient can forget about a pile of papers and health facility certificate that would get lost or be spoiled. In the dental app there is a function of store x-rays or different files. This will definitely be a plus for both the dental clinic and patients.

Mobile app is a convenient place to store your dental images

Toothache appears unexpectedly and is not included in the plans absolutely. Patients don’t want to spend time on consultations and pull up to the last. The dental mobile app is fitted up with the possibility of feedback from the dentist. The patient can describe the pain or seek advice from a competent specialist in a few minutes. The ability to quickly contact the doctor will attract the attention of existing clients and will become another reason for a new one to choose your clinic.


Clients can create conditions for increasing loyalty to the clinic on their own. The dynamic survey, which is included in the functionality of the dental application, allows patients to evaluate the work of the clinic as a whole. Responses to the survey will be the stimulation for improvement, to which customers will certainly respond positively.

To Sum Up

It becomes harder to get a positive attitude towards the doctors and the dental clinic itself. The owner of the dental center has to take decisive action to gain patient loyalty. The dental mobile application is a modern way to solve this problem. It can radically change the relation to the clinic, not only the patients but also the dentists themselves.

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