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Get Feedback With Dynamic Survey

Arkhipenko Daria, Digital Marketer
September 20, 2019

We have already written that the dental mobile app has a number of advantages and can be a good helper in promoting a business. Now we will consider in more detail one of the most important functions - a dynamic survey. There are several sides from which it is worth examining this function. But first, it’s worth knowing “Why is a survey called dynamic?”

The survey in the dental app may contain various types of questions, for example, about the amount of time spent in the queue to the dentists or about new promotions introduced in the clinic. It depends on what exactly the owner of the dental clinic wants to find out from his patients. If goals change, questions can also be changed using a dashboard. The dashboard allows you to create new polls in the mobile app at least every day without the help of a technical specialist. But before the new survey appears in the dental application the administrator should make sure that the survey is intuitive and you can get the complete and accurate information that you need.

The screen with the sample of feedback survey.

Now you can go directly to the consideration of the utility of dynamic polling. All innovations that the clinic undertakes are made for clients. Thus, an important question arises.

What is the convenience for patients? The possibility of passing the dynamic survey in the dental mobile application at any time will have a positive impact on the passage itself. Agree to have only a few customers who want to stay and fill out more documents after the procedure. But at home, in comfort and without the views of the staff, the patient will be able to answer all questions as honestly and impartially as possible. Also for many patients, this method will seem more exciting than with traditional paper surveys. A dynamic survey affects both clients and the clinic. Owners of dental clinics definitely ask:

What about benefits for the clinic? A dynamic survey can not only help the dental clinic to get feedback from people, but also increase their loyalty. The clients will appreciate the desire of the clinic to get an opinion from them and make the clinic as convenient as available. This will affect not only existing patients but new ones too. The dental mobile app and the dynamic survey function will be able to attract the attention of new patients.

To be around your customers is an important part of any business. The dental mobile application makes it possible to make communication with patients much easier. Including due to the dynamic survey that can help to improve customer service at a doctor's appointment. After a detailed review, a generalized conclusion should be made that will summarize the above.

What conclusion can we draw? The dynamic survey is a simple way to get information from customers via the dental app, and also to show customers the care for them. The presence in the mobile application of the survey will positively affect the reputation of the clinic and raise its prestige due to customer loyalty. Correctly formulated questions will help not only to find out how effective a change is but also how well the clinic works as a whole. The dynamic survey is a new opportunity to succeed in the dental business.