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MVP Development

Have a great idea, but don’t want to spend money? MVP is a good way to test your ideas with minimal investment.
Minimal Viable Product is a product with features that can satisfy first-time users. Due to its flexibility in use, analysis of subsequent data and goals, MVP is suitable for both start-ups and large businesses.
Reasons why you need an MVP
Minimum budget
Minimum budget
MVP will give you the opportunity
to conduct an experiment without
investing in a failed full-featured
Development prospects
Development prospects
The statistics collected from
MVP will help you determine
the possible direction of your
Testing Ideas
Testing Ideas
MVP allows you to check how
potential users are interested
in your product;'
Quick results
Quick results
You can get results as soon
as possible by launching your
product on the market.
Development from Scratch
We offer full-cycle MVP development services from prototyping and UI/UX creation to AppStore & Google Play Market submission and after-release support.
Design Options
The visual component is the face of your MVP. SolveIt will help you to realize your ideas in design.
Development Only
If you already have a well-formed design and need only development directly, we can provide you our services.
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Not sure what services
you looking for?
We are always ready to consult you to choose the best option
MVP Development from SolveIt
We provide not only the development but also market research and
analysis to create a complete image of idea prospects. Below we described
the stages of MVP development in our company.
Hypothesis Discovery
Hypothesis Discovery
First of all, we discuss with the client
the idea of ​​the
future MVP. At this
stage, it’s important to understand
what problems the product will solve,
what value should
be given to it to
obtain greater success.
Market Research
Market Research
MVP should be targeted to a specific
audience. Reducing
user coverage will
help to more accurately collect
statistics. Thus, it will be possible to
reliably learn about
the interest of users
in this area and, accordingly, check
existing hypothesis. Specialists from
our team
conduct a detailed market
analysis and identify several
of target users.
Feature implementation
Feature implementation
Analysis of the audience and a correct
understanding of
the hypothesis helps
to clearly determine the functions
will be demanded. Depending on the
idea, MVP may
have different functional
features. So, we carefully select
functionality of the future minimal
viable product.
Recall that MVP is created to test the
hypothesis and
usefulness of your
product. Thus, development doesn’t
stop at one option but goes through all
the stages. After
a detailed analysis of
the results, the product is launched
again for another hypothesis or feature.
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What you will get?
Stable-working application with basic functionality;
Formulated and proven with real data hypothesis;
Actual analytical data on the target audience and market;
The first loyal users of your products;
Unlimited options for adding features to your product.
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